Midea MCD 4-Way Cassette (R32)

*Prices are inclusive of VAT, delivery and installation (up to 4m of copper pipe work, drain pipe work, cables, and mountings or brackets.)


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Cassette conditioner MCD series refers to devices for industrial and semi-industrial classes and is designed to maintain the desired air quality in large rooms:

  • trading rooms;
  • catering establishments;
  • exhibition centers and galleries;
  • shops and workshops.

The evaporator of the indoor unit “cassette” is located on the perimeter of the square outer shell that allows the fan to drive the cold air in four directions simultaneously. Thereby installed in a false ceiling in the center of the room unit is capable of time “lay” a much larger area than a conventional wall unit.

In order to install the indoor unit, cassette air conditioner, ceiling necessarily required and sufficient space between the ceiling and the capital ceiling.

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