Midea MTI (R32)

*Prices are inclusive of VAT, delivery and installation (up to 4m of copper pipe work, drain pipe work, cables, and mountings or brackets.)


Air conditioners Series MTB – are split systems with compressors on-off, refrigerant R-410, designed for use in homes, cottages, large apartments, offices, shops, stores, sporting institutions.

Channel air conditioning, as well as other types of air conditioners, performs the task of cooling, heating, dehumidifying and air cleaning. A distinctive feature is the possibility of organizing the supply of fresh air from outside and its distribution network ducts. In the system, the air may pass several purification steps from coarse to very careful, depending on customer requirements for the quality of air. Usually, the indoor unit is located a hidden channel air-conditioner, when this is selected, a place where the noise from the indoor unit will not interfere. This can be storage, office space, over suspended ceilings, attics.

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