Midea XTREME SavE 12,000 Btu


*Prices are inclusive of VAT, delivery and installation (up to 4m of copper pipe work, drain pipe work, cables, and mountings or brackets.)


Maximum Cooling: 14,700 Btu
Maximum Heating: 14,950 Btu

Stay Cool, Save More.

With the Midea Xtreme SavE air conditioner you can keep control of your domestic consumption thanks to the iECO and GearShift functions. Discover true comfort by setting the air conditioner in Follow Me, Breeze Away and Super Cool mode and make yourself at home safely thanks to the sterilization function for deep cleaning and dual filtration technology.

ECO function

With the ECO function, in 8 hours you can save up to 60% of energy compared to conventional air conditioners. Simply power on your Midea air conditioner and select the mode from your remote for a full night’s energy-efficient comfort. With the ultra-low energy needed, now you can enjoy a restful sleep.

Gear function

The Gear function of Midea’s Inverter Quattro technology offer three operating power options: 50%, 75%, and 100%. You can choose a lower power level to conserve energy, that can significantly save energy while remaining cool. No more surprises when you receive your utilities bill.

Designed with Innovation, Built to Last

The Xtreme SavE range of Midea Air Conditioners is equipped with the best protection against the natural elements. The unique anticorrosive PrimeGuard™ Golden fin on the heat exchangers can withstand the salty air, rain and other corrosive elements. It can efficiently prevent bacteria from breeding and spreading and withstand corrosive elements.

Dual Filtration

The Xtreme SavE contain two filters which provide dual protection. The first dust filter removes large harmful particles such as pollen, dog hair, and dust. The second micro filter adsorbs small harmful particles such as mites and smoke. These two filters work together to remove most of harmful substances in the air.

Product warranty:

All genuine residential Midea Air Conditioning Units sold in Malta always include the Midea brand logo on both indoor and outdoor units and have a warranty of 7 Years from the date of purchase. For detailed Warranty Policy please visit the following link https://midea.mt/index.php/warranty-policy/

Midea smart kit – WiFi technology (Included):

The indoor units of the Xtreme SavE air conditioners are equipped with the Midea smart kit at no additional cost. The unit can be operated by the dedicated MIDEA AIR APP via a WLAN connection.

Deep Self Cleaning (Included):

Unlike the normal self-cleaning mode found on other air conditioners, in the 56°C sterilization mode the heat exchanger is heated to 56°C for 30 minutes, thus killing up to 99.9% of the bacteria after only two cycles of use. This technology not only keeps your unit cleaner but also makes it last longer, whilst enjoying clean air and cool breezes.

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Air Magic Purifier Add-On

Additional +€40

Air magic technology with Super Ionizer (Optional):

Available on Xtreme SavE modelsUpon starting up your air conditioner, the Air Magic built-in device generates positive and negative ions that together with Ultra Violet light technology captures and eliminates up to 99% of bacteria and viruses. Making sure every breath you take is clean, fresh, and healthy air. This technology offers a complete air treatment system which doubles up as an Air Conditioner and an Air Purifier.


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